Strategic Modeling within Oracle Planning Cloud

Strategic Modeling within Oracle Planning Cloud

About Strategic Modeling

Strategic Modeling (SM) is a solution that combines a set of rich financial forecasting and modeling features with built in on-the-fly scenario analysis and modeling capabilities.

It helps users quickly model and evaluate financial scenarios, and offers out of the box treasury capabilities for sophisticated debt and capital structure management. It provides a compelling solution that can be used to set targets, perform quick financial impact analysis, and present focused financial information for informed decision making.

Strategic Modeling provides these features

  • A built-in hierarchical chart of accounts to get you up and running quickly.
  • Consolidations
  • Forecast modeling
  • Target setting
  • What-if analysis
  • Integration with Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud, including the ability to check the status of consolidations from the Job Console, and the ability to customize navigation flows.

Strategic Modeling functionality is provided to:

  1. a) Licensed users of Oracle Financial Statement Planning option for Oracle Planning Cloud (old PBCS), or
  2. b) Oracle Financial Statement Planning provided as part of Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud (old EPBCS)


Why use Strategic Modeling

SM also integrates strategic planning, treasury and financial modeling activities and how it can be easily deployed and implemented with minimal IT support.

If your business wants to go beyond tactical financial planning to long range target setting; And you want to quickly perform what-if scenario modeling, but you are still doing all your financial modeling and analysis on excel, this is the product for you.

SM enables users to quickly create long range forecast models for fast-changing business dynamics using built-in sophisticated scenario modeling capabilities and debt and capital structure management features.

Strategic Modeling is built within the Oracle EPM Cloud platform, and users can work within the familiar Smart View and Web Interface.

 Configuring Strategic Modeling

Interested in Strategic Modeling within Oracle Planning Cloud? Below you will find information links on how to configure SM with all the needed steps:

Working with Strategic Modeling

 Once you are all set with SM, you are ready to use it. Below are links to Oracle online documentation, on how to best use the product.

Solutions like Strategic Modeling in the cloud enables finance organisations to stay agile and remain one-step ahead.

If the above awoke your interest, contact one of our Tactic’s consultants who can take you through the implementation and usage of the product, with best practice.

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