Business Intelligence Solutions

We offer a complete range of BI software solutions to obtain a comprehensive view of your organization’s performance, perform profitability analysis, improve decision making and support strategic planning.


A complete solution for managing performance, allowing companies to plan, monitor and optimize their operations.

Planning & BUdgeting

Real-time data and scenario analysis to drive better decision making.

Financial Consolidation

Ensure compliance, reduce risk, promote collaboration and improve decision making.

Profit & Cost Management

Helps organizations optimize costs and revenues and improve financial performance.


Automate tax filing and ensure compliance while improving efficiency.

Financial Reporting

Create, manage and distribute financial reports quickly and accurately, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


A reliable, secure and scalable platform for data management and analysis.


Improves security and provides advanced forecasting capabilities to enable informed decision making.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

What is Enterprise Performance Management?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a type of software aimed at helping organizations consolidate their information, make forecasts, generate reports on business performance and analyze deviations between set objectives and reality, at all levels.

The combination of data from all areas of the organization facilitates detailed understanding of the performance obtained in each of the businesses.

EPM tools improve overall financial performance by optimizing data collection processes and assisting in decision making.

Key benefits of EPM

These solutions allow complete integration of the data obtained from each of the areas of the organization.

Data integration

The capture, transformation and homogenization of data to consolidate information from multiple sources and formats, including financial, commercial, operational and human resources systems.

Reports and analysis

Monitor the health of your company through interactive reports and dashboards.

Performance management

Identify opportunities for improvement through real-time analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Intelligent process automation

Automate processes such as financial reconciliation, consolidation, or forecast generation through rule parameterization.

Planning and Budgeting

Respond quickly to changes

We contribute to transforming the organization by focusing on carrying out actions that allow achieving the set objectives, derived from the Group’s strategy.

History becomes a reference to improve forecasts.

The permanent measurement of the results of the actions applied and the analysis of their deviations facilitates their adjustment, facilitating the achievement of the set objectives, in a constant process that allows the organization to anticipate, gain agility and be better prepared to respond. to changes in the markets

Planning is worked on multiple levels, from a long-term strategic level to a short-term level in operational areas, aligning corporate finances, business areas, operations, projects, HR, IT, etc. We provide users with control of their models, the necessary flexibility and transparency, connecting the different areas and allowing their scalability.

Key Benefits of Planning & Budgeting

Planning software allows you to anticipate and manage changes and challenges that may arise. It helps optimize the use of resources, facilitates coordination and collaboration between team members.

Better Predictions

The quality of the information processed, the parameterized planning rules, and the predictive capabilities of the new platforms facilitate obtaining better predictions.

Greater Agility

The platform concept makes it easier for the data to be unique. The availability of its own ETL (Extract and Data Loader) and the application of rules provides great speed to the budget review processes, making it easier for the organization to adapt quickly to market changes.

Improved Efficiency

We automate manual processes, reducing errors and saving time and resources, freeing them to dedicate them to more strategic and higher value-added activities.


We provide a collaborative environment where the teams involved optimize planning processes, improving communication.

Financial Consolidation

Data quality, regulatory compliance, transparency and visibility

For many organizations, the accounting closing process and its subsequent financial consolidation is a process that requires excessive effort. Part of the time and resources invested are to the detriment of information analysis and subsequent decision making.

The consolidation function is one of the processes designed to efficiently manage the collection of information on the closure of all subsidiaries of a Group, the homogenization and conversion of the data, its reconciliation and subsequent consolidation.

Consolidation models allow obtaining a legal, fiscal or management vision, facilitating traceability between each of the different models, and incorporating the specific analytical dimensions of each business.

These types of solutions greatly facilitate the consolidation mechanisms traditionally supported in complex connected Excel sheets, transforming them into an Efficient, Transparent, Simplified and Auditable process.

EPM solutions offer preconfigured consolidation models, which streamline the implementation project and standardize it, avoiding complex configurations that make subsequent maintenance difficult. These platforms allow their models to be adapted to the business, technological and regulatory requirements of the Group.

With these platforms, the closing process in the Groups of companies is reviewed and automated, covering everything from the capture and transformation of the data of each subsidiary, homogenizing its treatment and automating the necessary rules to convert the individual data into a consolidated financial vision of the Group.

Key Benefits of Financial Consolidation

Our consolidation solutions automate financial consolidation, ensure compliance, reduce risk, provide real-time visibility, promote collaboration and improve decision making.

Simplified consolidation

Simplifies the financial consolidation process by automating many manual tasks, reducing errors, and providing a single source of financial information. This helps organizations close their books faster and more accurately.


Provides real-time visibility into financial data, allowing organizations to quickly identify issues and make informed decisions. It also allows organizations to control their financial data more effectively, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Helps organizations reduce their financial risk by providing accurate and timely financial data. This allows organizations to identify potential problems early and take steps to mitigate them.


Highly scalable, allowing organizations to handle increasing volumes of financial data as they grow. It can handle complex financial structures, making it suitable for large multinational organizations.

Profit & Cost Management

Complete financial management

Business profitability analysis should be an efficient, intuitive and automated process. In too many cases, this is far from being a reality. Many companies invest excessive time in manual manipulations through spreadsheets and in understanding the key indicators and drivers on which the models pivot, all aggravated by the complexity of interpreting the information.

The use of custom solutions or calculations generated through “black boxes” only aggravates the problem, creating excessive dependence on IT departments for a process that should be handled much more autonomously by business users.

Profitability and cost management models radically revolutionize this challenge. Specifically designed to automate data capture and loading, simplify cost distribution and allocation processes (such as shared services and corporate costs), facilitate obtaining the profitability of the combinations of analytical dimensions of the generated models, providing transparency in the calculations.

These solutions enable organizations to be more effective by providing a deeper understanding of profitability and costs. The allocation engine, combined with world-class analytics, identifies the key elements driving costs.

Key Benefits of Profit and Cost Management

Profit and Cost Management solutions help you track expenses, income and profits in real time.


Helps organizations improve their financial performance by identifying cost drivers and analyzing profit margins. Allowing better decision making, which leads to greater profitability.

Operating efficiency

Automates many manual processes, leading to greater efficiency and fewer errors. Helping organizations save time and resources, which can be redirected to other areas of the business.

Resource allocation

Helps organizations allocate their resources more effectively by identifying areas of the business that consume too many resources or do not generate enough revenue. Helping organizations optimize their operations and improve their overall financial performance.

Better strategic planning

Allows organizations to create more accurate forecasts and models, helping them develop more effective strategies. Leading to better decision making and better financial performance.

Tax Reporting

Reduce the risk of errors

The Tax Reporting solution automates tax calculation, reduces the risk of errors and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Improve efficiency by automating manual tasks and providing real-time visibility into tax data. The software improves collaboration and promotes better decision making by providing a collaborative environment where teams can work together to analyze tax data.

By streamlining tax reporting and ensuring compliance, Tax Reporting software helps organizations reduce their financial risk and improve financial performance.

Key Benefits of Tax Reporting

Our Tax Reporting solutions automate tax filing, reduce risk and ensure compliance while improving efficiency, collaboration and decision-making.

Accurate reporting

Automates the tax reporting process and ensures all tax calculations and reports are accurate and meet regulatory requirements. Reducing the risk of errors, fines and interest charges.

Greater efficiency

Automates many manual tasks, saving time and resources. It also provides real-time visibility into tax data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly.

Improved compliance

Helps organizations comply with tax laws and regulations by providing accurate tax reports and supporting documentation. It also helps organizations keep up to date with changes in tax laws and regulations.

Improved collaboration

Provides a collaborative environment where teams can work together to analyze financial data and make decisions. Promoting better communication and collaboration, which leads to better decision making and better financial performance.

Financial Reporting

Experts in Financial Reporting in the areas of Control, Management and Analysis.

Understanding the reporting needs of our clients is a fundamental step to collaborate by providing a broad response to their requirements.

EPM platforms, in addition to facilitating the transformation of data (in complex consolidations or extrapolations and allocations to generate forecasts), cover the reporting needs of our clients, with formats with guided navigation, for corporate visions that need to be standardized for the entire company. organization, or through Excel add-ins that allow the user to connect to the models and prepare, quickly and easily, customized reports.

Dashboards complement these reports by concentrating key business information in just a few screens.

The software provides a comprehensive solution for creating, managing and distributing financial reports, enabling organizations to produce accurate, timely and compliant reports quickly and easily.

Key Benefits of Financial Reporting

These tool’s features allow for seamless integration of data from all areas of the organization.

Budgeting and planning

They help you make informed decisions about how to use resources and manage additional expenses.

Instant reports

With just a few clicks you get real-time updates to reports and forecasts, so you can always monitor the situation.

Business intelligence

Incorporates functions to analyze the profitability of any commercial strategy that can guarantee the success of the company’s operations.

Function automation

There is no need to spend hours manually entering data into the system: you only have to enter it once and the system takes care of the rest.

Data Warehouse / Data Lake

A scalable, high-performance solution

In EPM projects, quality, speed and homogeneity in data processing are crucial to obtain relevant and reliable information in time for management decision-making.

In our projects, we incorporate an analysis called “Data Quality Management”, where we review the available information and collaborate with our client to obtain it in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

The organization’s Data Warehouse/Data Lake provides a centralized location to store and manage large volumes of data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. Its flexible data modeling capabilities adapt to the specific needs of organizations.

Key Benefits of Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse provides a reliable, secure, and scalable platform for data management and analysis.


Provides a reliable, secure and scalable platform for data management and analysis.


Helps organizations manage their data effectively from a centralized repository, improving quality and reducing the risk of errors.


Advanced analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to effectively analyze their data and gain insights to improve decision making.


Capable of handling large volumes of data and scale to meet the needs of growing organizations.


Easily integrates with other Business Intelligence solutions and third-party applications, optimizing data management processes and providing a more complete view of data.

Cash Management

Manage cash needs with greater security

Comprehensive planning covers the impact on the Group’s treasury projections of each of the businesses, complementing the financial information from Balance Sheets and Income Statements.

Taking advantage of the information already collected in the financial models, enriching it with the data necessary to generate a treasury report, and applying the pertinent changes in criteria, implies moving from the analysis of the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement based on accruals, to an analysis of the impacts on the treasury, based on the cash criterion.

This transition significantly complements our models with a cash view, facilitating decision-making with objective data and reducing exposure to possible unidentified future risks.

Key Benefits of Cash Management

Cash Management solutions streamline cash management, improve security and provide advanced forecasting capabilities.


Implementing Cash Management software streamlines and optimizes cash management, allowing organizations to improve their financial operations.


Instant visibility of cash positions and transactions, enabling you to optimize management practices.


Automation of manual processes, reducing errors and saving time and resources. In favor of activities with more added value.


Robustness and control by implementing multiple layers of security and access controls.


With advanced capabilities these systems allow organizations to more accurately forecast their cash positions, optimizing and supporting their activities and informed decisions.

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