About us

EPM experts: business performance management

Helping our clients reduce risk, cut costs and improve efficiency since 2004.

Our team of highly specialized EPM consultants implements leading solutions that allow you to measure and optimize the performance of your businesses. More than 20 years of specialized experience that allows us to tackle complex projects with knowledge and security.
We collect, homogenize, process and present data to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of each business. We connect consolidation, planning, tax provisioning and profitability models, offering a global vision of the main magnitudes.


We are guided by our founding values


We know how to adapt to each reality with empathy and knowledge.


We build together with our clients based on doing what we know how to do.


Essential for our entire team to successfully overcome each challenge.


Many years of technical and functional experience accumulated in our work team.


From solution manufacturers, always providing the most appropriate solution to the needs of each client.

There is no better way for your company to navigate the market than by working with us.

The figure of the “Tactician” is key to winning any regatta.

In top-level regattas, the figure of the “Tactician” guides the skipper during the competition, offering quality information in a timely manner.

At Tactic we implement platforms that capture key indicators of our clients’ businesses, facilitating objective decision making.

We convert data into information, providing the necessary tools to the people responsible for making decisions in each business.

Our Methodology

We follow a five-phase process to ensure success in each project

Phase 1:


Create project letter
Define stakeholders
Complete business case

Phase 2:


Project Management Plan
Budget and Scope
Identify Risks

Phase 3:


Allocate resources
Schedule tasks
Continue with project status updates

Phase 4:


Monitor progress
Measure KPIs
Review project plan
Manage risks and changes

Phase 5:


Record project processes and findings
Delivery of the final product
Document and review data

Tactic: Rediscover your Business

We convert data into information, providing the necessary tools to the people responsible for making decisions in each business.

We offer:

Extensive Experience

Analysis, functional and technical design, and implementation of solutions in BI and EPM for more than 20 years.

Soluciones a Medida

Consolidación, Planificación, Reporting, Tax, Rentabilidades, ESG, y todos los procesos que se generan en la definida como la “Gran Oficina Financiera”

Colaboración interdiciplinar

Equipos especializados en cada caso, utilizando diversas soluciones EPM de Oracle, SAP y One Stream.

The Evolution of Tactic


The origin

The future founding partners of Tactic coincide at Arthur Andersen, working on consolidation and reporting solutions for their clients.


From consulting to end client

The team makes the leap from consulting to end client, working in organizational and systems management in different Food and Beverage, Media or Construction companies.


Tactic begins its story

The shared experiences and an excellent professional and personal relationship between the partners generated the seed of TACTIC, which began its activity focusing on consolidation and reporting projects.


The consolidation of the project

The team grows and after a first phase more open to different solutions, it specializes in the platforms offered by market-leading manufacturers (Oracle & SAP).

In addition to the Consolidation and Reporting projects, Planning, Treasury and Dashboards are added.

The close relationship and good experience with clients allow solid growth competing with large consulting firms with a more generalist approach, through a specialist EPM strategy.


Growth with the same enthusiasm

More opportunities arise and ideas boil, but the course of responsible growth remains the same, offering clients experience in projects and technologies.
Expansion: Tactic becomes a “borderless” company, offering solutions from Barcelona and Madrid to London, New York, Boston and Abu Dhabi (or wherever customer needs require it).


The future awaits us

More than 40 consultants working as a large professional family with devotion to service, motivation for every challenge and commitment to helping our clients grow.

The market recognizes Tactic as a leading EPM consultancy, specialized, committed, innovative and trustworthy.

Maintaining a firm course towards the future guided by our values and with the vocation to continue accompanying our clients to achieve their objectives.


Our Success in Numbers:

More than 350 Projects since 2004 for more than 100 clients in various economic sectors.
More than 3,000 users working on our solutions.
Global Presence: Offices in Barcelona and Madrid, covering clients located in Spain, Europe and the USA.
We additionally have a valuable network of partners that reinforce our offer and solidify our services.

At Tactic, we combine expertise, customization and flexibility to drive business success.

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