Multinational textile company

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Multinational textile company

Legal consolidation and management, as well as group planning. Reporting application with treasury provisions. System: Oracle HFM / FDMEESystem: Oracle HFM / FDMEESystem: Oracle HFM / FDMEE The solution is reviewed on a quarterly basis, with the 3+9, 6+6, and 9+3 formulas being created. The total number of businesses perimeters  considered is 40, with 60 users.

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Global leader in inspection, testing, and certification

Legal and management consolidation, as well as a Treasury Reporting and Planning model. System used: Oracle HFM / FDMEESystem used: Oracle HFM / FDMEESystem used: Oracle HFM / FDMEE The consolidated is fed via corporate interfaces and text files. With 180 users connected to the implemented solution, the total number of business perimeters exceeds 300. Automatisation of data load via interface, reduction of closing times, and acquisition of management closure

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