Tax reporting

Tax reporting

One of the key components for building an effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax function is proper access to financial data and processes. Yet, most corporate finance systems don’t meet the needs of corporate tax for processes such as the tax provision, country-country reporting (CbCR) and other tax data collection and reporting requirements. 

Furthermore, corporate tax needs to control their own destiny, and not be over-reliant on finance or IT with respect to their key tax reporting processes. Tax Reporting, a purpose-built business process available in the Oracle EPM Cloud, solves this dilemma by delivering a tax-owned solution that works part and parcel with Oracle and other finance systems.

Many estimate that the tax function is one of the largest consumers of data within the enterprise. This, combined with continued external scrutiny on corporate taxation, is driving tax departments to adopt enterprise technology to keep up with the increasing demands. 

Striking the perfect balance between independence from corporate finance vs. collaboration with corporate finance, Tax Reporting in the Oracle EPM Cloud is the only solution that offers a comprehensive tax data and process improvement platform that is completely integrated with your financial systems.

Key Business Benefits

Key Features

Empoderar los departamentos internos que gestionan los datos fiscales, dándoles acceso a toda la información relativa a Tax, independizando estas áreas de los asesores fiscales externos, y reduciendo los tiempos en la obtención de la información.