Profit & Cost Management

Profit & Cost Management

Insight to profitability and cost should be a fast, intuitive and automatic process, but too often this is not the case. Many companies either spend too much time on manually manipulating spreadsheets and understanding key drivers of profitability or, worse yet, spend no time on understanding due to the perceived complexities of the process. 

The use of custom-built allocation tools, or black-box calculation solutions, contributes to the problem by creating an over-reliance on IT for a business process that fundamentally should be owned by the business users. 

Profitability and Cost Management (PCMC), a purpose-built process available in the Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM, dramatically changes this situation. It provides business users with a solution to significantly automate and take ownership of allocation-based business processes such as customer/product profitability, management allocations, shared service costing, cost transparency initiatives. 

A purpose-built allocation solution can make organizations more effective and provide greater insight into profitability and costs within key business dimensions. Profitability and Cost Management strikes the perfect balance between a business-owned allocation engine and a rich analytical tool to discover the fundamental drivers of cost. 

This solution accomplishes both by providing an innovative allocation framework that provides step-by-step transparency to calculations – all while ensuring ease of use and upgradability of an Oracle cloud-based solution.


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