In a sailing race team , the “Tactic” or helmsman is the person that gathers more information and boat expertise. Located closed to the boat captain, the “Tactic” informs continuously about the best decission to take in each competition phase.

In Tactic we analyse, prepare , homogenize and transform our clients data using tools from the software market leaders in order to allow company decission makers to achieve success at any time.

Our team is composed of 30 expert consultants in BI & EPM, from 6 different nationalities with 9 professional specialty positions that allows us to offer to our clients the best solutions according to their needs.


Transforming the data in information, providing the required tools to the main company decision makers and measuring the key business indicators.

Company created in year 2004.

Specialist in BI (Business Intelligence) & EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) projects.

Made by consultants that have been “in both sides” consulting- company- consulting.

Has a consulting team with many years of experience.

In Tactic we offer to our clients the best possible solutions to solve their challenges in their decission making process by their key business areas ( Management, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Treasury…). We are present at any sector of activity throughout implementation of technologic tools from the software manufacturer leaders and a transformation Project in the Company reporting process.

We have a wide experience in analysis, functional design , technical design and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) & Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.

We offer customized solucions to our clients, even in Financial Consolidation, Financial Planning , Reporting and Dashboards (Balanced scorecards).

To achieve success in our projects we build interdisciplinary teams to implement in each case the best technologic solution according to client needs.


“… in BI ( Business Intelligence) and EPM (Corporate Performance Management) projects”

We´ve delivered more than 100 projects in 60 clients, from 15 different economic sectors, engaging more tan 2000 users in our solutions.

We work from our offices in Barcelona and Madrid worldwide, covering from USA to United Arab Emirates.

We work from our offices in Barcelona and Madrid worldwide, covering from USA to United Arab Emirates.


“…Made by consultants that have been “in both sides” consulting- company- consulting”

A high percentage of our current team worked in consulting as end customer. This experience allow us to focus our efforts in core business project areas that would assure their success. Low team rotation enable us to focus and keep a high level of knowledge whether for solutions or clients that allow us to join them in their journey to success.

We can summarize our values in:

  • Closeness
  • Integrity ( we do what we know best)
  • High degree of commitment and dedication


  • 1995:the future founding partners of Tactic met in Arthur Andersen, working together in financial consolidation and reporting solutions for their clients.
  • 1999 – 2004: the team jumps from consulting to end client, working in management and system departments on food and beverage companies, media and construction.
  • 2004: Tactic starts its history… The good memories of past experiences, the good relations between colleagues, generated the sede of Tactic that started its activity focusing in financial consolidationand reporting projects.
  • 2004 – 2011 The Project consolidates…. The team grows with new consultants and after a first “open stage” it is decided to focus the solutions offered to clients just in the two market leader manufacturers (Oracle & SAP). Apart from Financial Consolidation and reporting projects we add Financial Planning , Treasury, Dashboards. The good feedback from our clients and the close relationship with them allowed us to growth steadealy competing agains consultants with a broader approach.
  • 2016 –  … We keep the same excitement as the first day… and in our heads the ideas are boiling, but always with the responsibility of keep offering to our current and future clients the same set of values that made us who we are today. We are a Company “without borders” offering solutions from Barcelona and Madrid to London, New York, Boston, Abu Dhabi or wherever we will be required…….


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