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Financial reporting/ Management Control
Financial Consolidation
Budgeting / Financial Planning
Cost analysis/ operating costs
Cash management
Dashboards/ Balanced Scorecard

Financial Consolidation

The consolidated information becomes a fundamental management tool to the group os societies that they do not have enough analyzing the financial statements of their subsidiaries individually, due to they need to have monthly consolidated information. Our proposal is to transform such need in an opportunity to reorganize the group financial closing period , optimizing timings, pushing responsibilities in data to the subsidiaries and isolate the consoliation team in their Corporation in order to do its analytic and consolidation job, avoiding a dedication of its time to data cleaning and balance unmatched data that comes wrongly organized from their subsidiaries. Hence, this solution allow to have a datamart/ financial repository that may speed up reporting generation from individual to consolidated statements, variance analysis…. To arrange the work flow in a financial consolidation process of a complex group allows to access management, legal or fiscal consolidation in less time tan traditional processes, allowing to the Group to take better and quicker decisions.

Budgeting / Financial Planning

Planning projects have a double component: on one hand they allow to the Company to apply its budgeting process quicker, with more accuracy and detail; on the other hand, once the planning is done, the solution becomes a platform where the data is loaded monthly, allowing analyze the business spotting variations from real vs Budget or same period from past years. In the Financial planning side, the use of solutions oriented to cober such need allows the organization of work flows in environments where a big number of users are collaborating, building proposals to simplify the work of those users, execute planning rules such as complex distributions, seasonal changes, what if scenarios ….

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and finally to obtain the Budget will guide the goals to achieve by the Company. Time reduction and process simplification enables the Budget process to be an anual exercise that makes the organization exhausted, a process that can be repeated many ties during the exercise each time that a new event comes and it is considered as a cirscustance that could affect the previsions. Such situation bring us to do the planning by events., looking to the future and based in the most recent information we have forgetting traditional planning processes based in history, allowing to have continuously the temperatura of our busineses. In opposition to financial consolidation projects, that have a group and financial vision, planning solutions would complete the consolidation models completely reaching a bigger level of detail in understanding the client business, plauing iwht analytic dimensions such asa Client, Product, Responsible,or Project.

Financial Reporting / Management Control

Solution to optimize the group reporting, cobering from “organization” to data in a intermediate DataWarehouse, until the treatment and reporting presentation. In this kindof projects we believe a key issue to work in the gathering and generation process of data in order to optimize times and resources dedicated to such tasks. The objective usually is the generation of a corporative reporting although to put at client availability a tool that would allow quickly and easily analyze the information or create new reports.

Cash Management

EPM solutions allow us to créate several models to optimize the reporting, track and control in different Company áreas. One of such áreas is Treasury, that would complementt perfectly the financial information generated in the Balance and Profit and Loss Account: Treasury and Cash Flow. Taking advantage of the information gathered in past financial models and enriching it with needed data to generate a treasury reporting, will get a model that would allow us to control the group treasury, creating previsional scenarios , variation analysis, and visualizing the events before they would produce in order to allow the compan to take decissions with enough time in advance.

Control Panel / Balanced Scorecard/ Dashboards

The natural evolution of previous models is the generation of corporate or department dashboards that taking in consideration indicators and charts woudl allow to track the group evolution quickly , enablign to the user to access to explanations from variations in few clicks


In the majority of cases it is required to place an orde in the groupd of encities information sources before start to play with the generated information. Data quality, speed in obtain it and homogeneization criteria in its treatment would allow to obtain relevant real and reliable information to the board. Due to that need our team has been specialized in working the information chain to create a data layer organized and enough in order to generate analytical post models.